Sleeping with a stranger

I woke up from a short nap on Saturday afternoon, concious of the fact that I needed to get moving as I was meeting friends later on.

Then I got this curious sensation.  There was someone not just in my apartment – there was someone lying in bed behind me.

I was on my side, facing the window.  Before I had a chance to turn around, I heard whoever it was adjust their position as if they were moving off their back and turning towards me.

An arm wrapped around me, grasping my wrists, their body pressing against mine.  They grasped me tightly.  I was unable to breathe for several seconds.  Then they loosened their grasp.

I tried to turn around but I didn’t have the strength.  I didn’t know whether it was a lack of physical or mental strength that prevented me.  The person didn’t give me a chance to figure it out as they once again tightened their hold on me, leaving me short of breath for a number of seconds.

I looked straight ahead – I could see the beige carpet, the blinds on the window, the bedside table hosting my keys and wallet.  I moved my right hand and could feel the body behind me but my eyes were heavy and my body sapped of energy.

Thoughts swirled around my head.  I’d read accounts from people who had reported unexplainable stuff like this: the presence of a dead relative, the sense that Jesus was with them or – at the other end of a scale – the experience of being abducted by aliens.  And here I was in the middle of something I couldn’t explain.  This was real.  I knew who I was, where I was and what my plans were for the evening.

Eventually I stopped fighting.  I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and pushed myself out of bed on to the floor.  I looked up.

There was no one there.

This time I had woken up for real.

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