The Solution to the Medical Card Crisis

The Irish Government have decreed that people over-70 who can afford to pay for their own medical care will have their free medical card withdrawn in order to help balance the books in these tough economic times. There has been national uproar with politicans, commentators and the man in the street (not Joe the Plumber) […]

Words I like to use a lot: Part 2

Morass Nothing better than hearing a politician go on about a situation being a “morass”.  It underlines just how serious the state of affairs is. “Senator, is the situation as under control as the government make out?” “Quite the opposite, dear.” “Don’t call me ‘dear’.  I’m a professional broadcaster.” “Sorry, love.  What we have here […]

The Legacy of Dubya: Part 1

Axis of Evil Axis of Evil was a classic George Dubya Bush phrase, coined in early 2002.  The suggestion was that Iran, Iraq and North Korea formed this so-called “axis of evil” – States that assisted “terrorists” and provided weapons of mass destruction.   This of course laid the groundwork for the 2003 invasion of Iraq […]

Sexy Sixties: Would ya?

There is so much ageism in Hollywood these days with plenty of top notch actresses unable to get a suitable role once they turn 40.  Well I’m here to address the balance. I present to you the Sexiest Sixties XI – women who are old enough to be my mother! 11 Barbara Streisand Age: 66 […]