The Solution to the Medical Card Crisis

The Irish Government have decreed that people over-70 who can afford to pay for their own medical care will have their free medical card withdrawn in order to help balance the books in these tough economic times.

There has been national uproar with politicans, commentators and the man in the street (not Joe the Plumber) declaring the budget to be a disgrace, calling for immediate changes to be made.  It could be the budget that brings down the government with significant unrest on the back benches.

So if there is a back-down and income thresholds for the over-70s excluded from the card are pushed up so it effects few or none at all, then the Government have to claim the money in some way.

Well no better people to contribute to the situation than those who have caused the fuss.  Politicians like Joe Behan and Finian McGrath, journalists and broadcasters like George Hook and John Waters, should be the ones paying up.

In fact every last tax paying subject in Ireland who feels so strongly about the issue should be paying up.

The Government need to set up a website where those who wish to demonstrate just how strongly they feel can submit their social security number, enabling the government to tax them an extra EUR50 a month.  Soon the shortfall brought about by their protestations can be made up at their expense (and not mine).

There are too many old people anyway.

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