[Concert Review] Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds / Belfast / 2007

As myself and my friend Lesley left The Waterfront in Belfast last night to catch my bus home at the tail-end of Dave Matthew’s acoustic gig, I thought to myself “if he plays ‘Jimi Thing’ now and I miss it I’ll be very upset!”. But he didn’t and a minute later the crowd rolled out […]

My Ideal Woman

Lying in bed the other night (curled up like a cat, it was a bit nippy), I started reflecting on the world around me. Everywhere I look I see happy couples building sandcastles together, families guffawing hysterically at pop-up books and then I spy the lonely mad man; decked out in full-length trench-coat, reciting stock […]

The 9lives US Tour: Update 4, Days 7 & 8 & 9

Day 7 While Palo Alto wasn’t exactly boiling hot it was positively tropical compared to the polar temperatures in Chicago. From 60F to -26F in the space of the four hours it took me to reach the windy city. My friend Sean had told me that it was cold and to bring a coat. Well […]

The 9lives US Tour: Update 3, Days 4 & 5 & 6

Day 4 It was an old boys night out on Wednesday as myself and Noel hit the local Thai restaurant and rolled back the years with some amusing anecdotes and references. Obviously they would be lost on you guys as they reflect on stories like that hilarious time back in 1988 when I announced quite […]