The 9lives US Tour: Update 5, Days 10 & 11 & 12 & 13

The final night of what has been an odyssey of … odysettic* proportions.

To be quite honest with you it has been an uneventful week so I’m not going to bore you with the ins and outs. We did get stopped by a traffic cop on Tuesday morning while doing 47 in a 25 zone. I have no idea what Noel was trying to achieve by putting his foot down like he did.

The cop dude was kind of cool. He announced over his loud hailer that we had to turn the corner and pull in. After we did this he pulled his bike in behind us and slowly made his way towards us as Noel lowered the window. I couldn’t help repeating “have you seen this boy?”.

I bought the Daughtry album after listening to Jenni’s in Chicago. Bit close to Nickelback at times (probably the worst band in the history of the world – sorry) but when he’s good he’s great and he has a fab voice. For those in the dark he finished fifth in American Idol last year but his debut album sold 1m copies in five weeks and is the fastest selling debut rock album ever. I first saw him performing with Live on the latter’s song, “Mystery“.

So, there you go. Decent album though.

I went out with Orin on Wednesday for a feed in Palo Alto and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir (I think I’ve found my new favourite wine). We finished the night with Jack Daniels and Coke** and some watermelon and vodka drink for Orin. Actually, yeah, what the hell was that?? And just how many cherries did you swallow, Orin??

I went shopping again today in Any Mountain, an outdoor adventure store, and bought one of those uber warm jackets, a cool North Face hat and yet another shoulder bag (I wreck one every three months at the moment).

Has it really got to this? That I have to fill my blog with news that I bought a hat?

Here are Noel’s dogs – the driver is Gruber and the black thing is Margot. Both adorable.
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I’m going home/To the place where I belong

Talk to you all soon…

* just checked – no hits on Google.
** apparently no one asks for “jack daniels and coke”. I’m supposed to shorten it to J and C or something like that. My street cred took a hit there.

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