Yeah, so I went to see Rascal Flatts…

Rascal Flatts. The musical act who, until a few short weeks ago, I thought was a rapper What do you do when someone offers you a free ticket for a band – the aforementioned Rascal Flatts – you’ve never heard before?  I mean I’ve turned down free tickets before, notably to see The Corrs (after all, […]

The right time for a-ha to say goodbye

Depending on which re-written press release you read today you’ll learn that a-ha were formed anywhere from 25 to 27 years ago, split up in the nineties for anywhere from five to seven years and got back together in 1998 – or is that 1999?  No, it was 2000 apparently. What you will unanimously learn and […]

A credibility issue

It must have seemed like déjà vu for Morten Harket and Magne Furuholmen, two-thirds of rock band a-ha, as they sat on the GMTV breakfast time couch in London on Friday morning. The scene was set when presenter Emma Crosby – somewhat understandably given the universal reference point – started the interview with a “Take […]

This is about the chart, not art.

When I declared in a hyperbolic manner a few days ago that Magne F fans were “horrified” with the new a-ha single I was quickly pulled up for my “exaggeration”.  Which is fair enough – that’s what hyperbole is.  So let me simply say that they many seem discontented. The focus of their ire?  The […]

Who you gonna call…again? Ghostbusters! 3!

The news we were all waiting for – Harold Ramis has confirmed that there will be a second sequel to Ghostbusters with the original cast!    If you grew up with the comic, ghost-slaying antics of these guys you are SO in for a treat!  Can you imagine these guys donning their proton packs and […]

Sexy Sixties: Would ya?

There is so much ageism in Hollywood these days with plenty of top notch actresses unable to get a suitable role once they turn 40.  Well I’m here to address the balance. I present to you the Sexiest Sixties XI – women who are old enough to be my mother! 11 Barbara Streisand Age: 66 […]

The greatest celebrity comebacks – ever!

Huey Lewis said it best: “Good morning little schoolgirl/Can I come home with you?” No, sorry. That’s something else entirely. Coincidentally it’s a Huey Lewis lyric too. No, what i meant was this: “Hip to be a square” When I was about 13 I actually thought he meant that it was quite trendy to be […]

I miss the comfort in being sad

Seeing as how I accidentally went all Kurt Cobain recently I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the great man himself. As was the case for many of us – well those of us lucky enough to be old/young enough to experience his music first hand – I first heard Kurt screaming his way […]