[Concert Review] a-ha / Oslo / 2001

Venue: Vallhall, Oslo, Norway Artist: a-ha Date: 25/03/2001 Set List: 1 Minor Earth | Major Sky; 2 Sun Never Shone That Day; 3 Little Black Heart; 4 I’ve Been Losing You; 5 Manhattan Skyline; 6 Thought That It Was You; 7 I Wish I Cared; 8 Cry Wolf; 9 Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count; […]

[Movie Review] Beyond the Mat

Starring: Mick Foley, Jake Roberts, Terry Funk, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon Director: Barry W Blaustein Genre: Documentary Cert: 15 Released: 1999 It’s a directorial debut for acclaimed writer Barry Blaustein (“Saturday Night Live”, “Coming to America”, “Boomerang”, “The Nutty Professor”), and it’s a subject matter close to his heart – professional wrestling. Blaustein tells it […]