Sent down for downloading

My thanks to my good friend Liz for pointing me in the direction of this sad yet bizarre story from the United States. A man has been charged with the murder of his wife with the key evidence being that he downloaded Guns N’ Roses’ “I Used to Love Her” track on the day of […]

Bizzaro world!

Mike Tyson wants to join Westlife. The Baddest Man on the Planet (TM) is desperate to link up with the Wettest Fish in the Solar System (TM). Tyson visited Ireland recently to catch up with his boxing friend Joe Egan and say ‘Happy Mothers Day’ to Egan’s mum. In fairness to the convicted rapist he […]

Hope you have a strong bladder

I promised myself that I’d blog after my first exam so within two hours…here I am. Today was Public Relations, a less bullshit subject than it sounds. I entered the exam with the words of my lecturer ringing in my ears: “No waffle…” (queue dramatic echo of the word “waffle”). Let me take a step […]

Guilty until proven innocent

The radio is always good for a bit of entertainment. While I’m a big music fan, one look at my profile will indicate that few bands I like ever get played on it. So I really only listen to talk radio. In Dublin that means Newstalk 106. Fine station, it is. Sean Moncrieff is the […]