Accept me! Validate me!

I saw a guy on the tram home last night holding a large envelope against his chest that I assume was his, and had printed on it “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL”. I have a feeling that holding this envelope made him feel incredibly important. ‘Look at me! I received mail that’s so important the sender had […]

A simple test – are you a road-moron?

I’m a big fan of road rage. This, of course, is the expression of exasperation at the complete and utter (a) ignorance, (b) inability and/or (c) stupidity, of other drivers on the road. The roads are full of them. It’s almost like it’s compulsory to be a complete tosser when behind the wheel of a […]

Economic Imbalance of the Barber Industry

As you might have gathered from the limited photo on this site, my hair is long. Ok it’s long in some places. I’ll be man enough to admit that maybe the fringe isn’t really as … how shall I put this … “existing”. But the rest of it is long and I like to think […]

The Human Plight

The walk from my office to the tram home takes me through the city of Dublin. It’s not normally particularly pleasant but yesterday was “unpleasant-times-ten”. I’m intolerant at the best of times – hate when people walk slowly in front of me, hate traffic, hate waiting three minutes for a tram (why can’t they just […]

St Leprechaun Day

Ever see that “Leprechaun” film? Well, ever see any of the six they made? A little Irish leprechaun fella (played by Warwick Davis – above) kills a fat bloke who stole his pot o’ gold. He then embarks on an emphatic, and frankly indiscriminate, killing spree that takes him to Vegas, outer space and, of […]