[Album review] “This is Gonna Hurt” – Sixx:A.M.

Album Title: This is Gonna Hurt Artist: Sixx:A.M. Year: 2011 Running Time: 48m 49s Track listing: 1 This is Gonna Hurt; 2 Lies of the Beautiful People; 3 Are You With Me?; 4 Live Forever; 5 Sure Feels Right; 6 Deadlihood; 7 Smile; 8 Help is on the Way; 9 Oh My God; 10 Goodbye […]

[Movie Review] Stepfather III

Starring: Robert Wightman, Priscilla Barnes, Season Hubley, David Tom, John Ingle Director: Guy Magar Genre: Thriller/Horror Cert: 18 Released: 1992 Terry O’Quinn received much acclaim for his performances in the first two “Stepfather” movies where he played a disturbed sociopath, dedicated to creating and being part of the perfect family unit.  While the first film was […]

AT&T. Absolute bollocks.

I thought mobile phone companies in Ireland were bad until I came over to the US.  My experience so far has been with AT&T and, in spite of the best intentions of the eager foot soldiers in the stores, the company itself leaves a lot to be desired. Right now they are in the news […]