I miss the comfort in being sad

Seeing as how I accidentally went all Kurt Cobain recently I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the great man himself. As was the case for many of us – well those of us lucky enough to be old/young enough to experience his music first hand – I first heard Kurt screaming his way […]

[Concert Review] Guns N Roses / Dublin / 2006

Welcome to the Jungle? Botanical Garden, more like. I was at Guns N Roses cynical comeback tour last weekend in Dublin. The concert, held in the 25,000 capacity RDS, had two stages. The second stage was headlined by the brilliant Therapy? (“Nowhere”, “Die Laughing”) with somewhat-able support from Lauren Harris, Voodoo Six and a couple […]

The case for “reasonable force”?

I might come across as all nice and stuff here (right? …. ) but really I’m a bile-filled person who loathes large sections of society. First up for a verbal thumping are bouncers. You might know them as “doormen”. They are the gentlemen hired by public establishments such as pubs, night clubs, casinos and venues […]