The Legacy of Dubya: Part 1

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil was a classic George Dubya Bush phrase, coined in early 2002.  The suggestion was that Iran, Iraq and North Korea formed this so-called “axis of evil” – States that assisted “terrorists” and provided weapons of mass destruction.  

This of course laid the groundwork for the 2003 invasion of Iraq which found somewhere in the region of, um, no weapons of mass destruction.  Inventory, eh?  *eye roll*  Incidentally this invasion ended on May 1st 2003 incase you were under the impression that it was still on-going.

Yes, axis of evil.  Wonderfully dramatic language from a President eager to spread fear and paranoia amongst the electorate.  Bill Bailey sums it up with some suitable humour.

Incidentally, Bush’s statement on May 1st 2003, announcing the end of major combat operations in Iraq, finishes with this sentence.

“Thank you for serving our country and our cause. May God bless you all, and may God continue to bless America.”

How about God bless every country?  Why would he choose America over Ireland or Denmark or Libya?  Those people are just as worthy as Americans.  But then again why would God choose one athlete – who thanks God for the inspiration on the gold medal podium – over the deeply religious one who finished second in the 100m hurdle.  What makes him so special?  Did he pray extra hard?  

If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know.

The term has been adopted for personal use in entertainment and politics since then.  The chief commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps had described the true axis of evil being the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel.  

One could argue it’s a case when both sides are right.

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