Songs written about bandstands

Here are a list of my favourite songs written about bandstands.

1. The Bandstand – a-ha

Actually that’s the only one I know.

2 thoughts on “Songs written about bandstands

  1. I recall a song on American Bandstand (a US tv music show from the 1970’s) which had a Bandstand theme but I can’t remember if it had lyrics, but could this be included on the list your compiling and also I vaguely remember a Barry Manilow song about a Bandstand and I was curious about the latter so I googled it and found out its called “Bandstand Bogie” and you can hear it below: I’m sure there are some other bandstand songs. I’m really showing my age recalling a 70’s tv show and Barry Manilow songs.

  2. I was hoping not to be reminded of other bandstand songs because it would make what was intended to be an utterly pointless post having some sort of relevance! OMG listening to this Manilow song now … it’s … awesome!

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