Ciaran Cannon joins the party of leadership and inspiration

As Irish political party the Progressive Democrats collapse in to nothingness, former leader Ciaran Cannon today confirmed he is defecting to the main Irish opposition party, Fine Gael.

Ciaran Cannon

Part of his motivation for joining Fine Gael was that he felt the ruling party, Fianna Fáil, “lacked leadership and failed to inspire people”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present HIS new boss, the head honcho of the Fine Gael party, the inspirational leader…Enda Kenny!

2 thoughts on “Ciaran Cannon joins the party of leadership and inspiration

  1. That was really well done. Really, really well done. You shouldn’t make fun of our native language though. He did sound like he was reading from a script ?!?

    I wonder where the gap between the two Irelands is? Newry?

    My granda has two cousins who are TD’s. There ya go.

  2. I didn’t make it so I can take no blame for the mockery.

    The gap between the two Ireland’s is a small bump on the road somewhere near Newry. There’s a cow to the left of it.

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