The social stigma of reading

I’ve just bought my third copy of “The God Delusion“.  Not because I feel the need to boost Richard Dawkins coffers, but rather because I left one copy on a plane and gave a second copy to a friend who I had, ironically, flown to see on the plane in which I left the first copy …. on ….

Ok, never mind.

Although I had read the first four chapters late last year I decided to start reading it again because it has quotes from people cleverer than me and it’s easy to get totally lost.

I do dislike starting books in public because of that “just started it” stigma.  There’s little impressive about seeing someone on page 1 of a thick book.  However, if I see someone halfway through a 400 page tome, I know I’m dealing with a pretty serious and determined human being.

So how about we included 100 blank pages at the start of all books in order to help the likes of me overcome the social stigma?

Fortunately there’s a decent table of contents and preface in “The God Delusion” so I started on page 42.

3 thoughts on “The social stigma of reading

  1. I have been trying to “get into” Gone with the Wind for several months now. It has a thousand and ten pages.
    I took a sneaky look at the last chapter to see how it ends and found it so compelling that I had to read the second to last chapter.
    By the fifth to last chapter I decided to give the “reading it from the start” thing a go.

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