Why, mummy, why?

A terrible story appeared in our local paper today

Heartless vandals have destroyed a playground designed for special needs school children. Children, teachers and parents at Ballyowen Meadows School for autistic children in Beechpark, Stilllorgan, were left heartbroken last Tuesday morning when they discovered the aftermath of the mindless attack.

It then went on to detail interviews with one of the parents where she revealed that her son had asked “why, mummy, why?”.

Heart-wrenching stuff.

Of course, me being me, I had to look for the funny side of it and thankfully that came in the form of a typically-staged journalistic photo opportunity. The picture involved three dejected looking school children looking almost cartoony in their facial expressions. I’d go as far as to say that it actually had the opposite affect on the story, causing me to feel less sorry for them.

Anyway take a look at this pic and see if you notice anything funny with one of the kids.


That’s right. The middle kid, an autistic child of ten years old, either has parents with a cutting sense of humour – or a pair that are bloody sick. His t-shirt boast of “lock up your daughters” has to be one of the most tasteless things I’ve seen in ages. Why? In case he launches a heavy glass ashtray at their heads?

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