[Album Review] “Regular Urban Survivors” – Terrorvision

Regular Urban Survivors - TerrorvisionAlbum Title: Regular Urban Survivors
Artist: Terrorvision
Year: 1996
Running Time: 42m 21s

Track listing: 1 Enteralterego; 2 Superchronic; 3 Perseverance; 4 Easy; 5 Hide the Dead Girl; 6 Conspiracy; 7 Didn’t Bleed Red; 8 Dog Chewed the Handle; 9 Junior; 10 Bad Actress; 11 If I Was You; 12 Celebrity Hit List; 13 Mugwump

Following on from the undoubted success of “How to Make Friends and Influence People”, Terrorvision reached their career peak with 1996’s “Regular Urban Survivors”. Keeping in tune with the humour that the band infused in all of their music, the project was promoted as the soundtrack to a a fictitious James Bond-style movie.

There is plenty of the groove-driven rock humour that the band had perfected on their previous records. ‘Perseverance’ has a jaunty riff and clever lyrics – ‘I was yellow when they said to fight the reds/cos I knew I’d be beaten black and blue’. ‘Hide the Dead Girl’ is another fine example. A story about getting away with murder, the lyrics are brilliant – ‘She was ducking for apples/and we stick to that story/we just held her breath for her/and sadly she drowned’.

‘If I Was You’ is a likable punk-rock anthem about having a hangover while ‘Celebrity Hit List’ is a dazzling rocker about a falling star who has gambled everything away: ‘I lost my family on a sure fire thing’, Tony crows. Aliens arrive on earth in ‘Didn’t Bleed Red’, a slow-building tune which explodes into a super-heavy crescendo of noise during the chorus, and opening duo ‘Enteralterego’ and ‘Superchronic’ are powerful rock-tunes in their own right.

‘Easy’ is a pleasant, mid-American rocker, ‘Dog Chewed the Handle’ an atmospheric straight-on rocker, ‘Bad Actress’ an outstanding slow-burning verbal assault on an ex-partner, while the album closer ‘Mugump’ is a brassy and catchy number.

Slightly less impressive are the bass-infused ‘Conspiracy’ and the average and throw-away ‘Junior’.

Overall this is a hard-rocking, amusing and extremely catchy collection of tunes. This is Terrorvision’s career high.

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