[Album Review] “Good to Go” – Terrorvision

"Good to Go" - TerrorvisionAlbum Title: Good to Go
Artist: Terrorvision
Year: 2001
Running Time: 50m 51s

Track listing: 1 D’Ya Wanna Go Faster; 2 Come Home Beanie; 3 Friends & Family; 4 Sometimes I’d Like to Kill Her; 5 Alone; 6 Fists of Fury; 7 Unhappy Millionaire; 8 Days Like These; 9 From Out of Nothing; 10 Subway; 11 Goldmine Jamjar

You are only as good as your last hit. That was never truer as it pertains to Terrorvision. Following much success with their previous four album releases, including numerous top forty hits, the band were mysteriously dropped by their record label, EMI. Picked up by Papillon Records, they released their final studio album in 2001, “Good to Go”.

Lead single and album opener ‘D’Ya Wanna Go Faster” was an uncharteristic techno-rock number with mundane lyrics and a predictable chord sequence. Slightly better were the harder ‘Beanie Come Home’, decent indie-style number ‘Alone’ and the catchy, classic-sounding ‘Fists of Fury’.

The album feels rushed pretty much from start to finish and it seems apparent that the band were short of ideas, and perhaps short on motivation – maybe deflated by their release from EMI. ‘Subway’ is not too bad, but appears a little flat by comparison to the best of previous albums. ‘Days Like These’ and ‘Friends & Family’ are reasonable but unspectacular rockers, while ‘Sometimes I’d Like to Kill Her’ is a little too much ‘by numbers’ for my liking.

‘Unhappy Millionaire’ is not hugely inspirational either, but album closer ‘Goldmine Jamjar’ is a bit more like it. A throbbing chorus with in-your-face, and slightly ludicrous, lyrics, it finishes the album, and the band’s career, in style. However the standout recording on the album is the beautiful ballad, ‘From Out of Nothing’, with it’s gentle piano refrain and melodic guitar and percussion-backed chorus.

There’s a few gems here, but overall it’s mediocre and definitely their worst release. Still if you’ve got the others and fancy completing the collection, ‘From Out of Nothing’ is almost worth it on it’s own.


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