[Movie Review] Thirteen Days

Thirteen DaysStarring: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, Steven Culp
Director: Roger Donaldson
Genre: Drama
Cert: 12
Released: 2001

“Thirteen Days” Is the terrifying true story of the time that nearly saw nuclear conflict between the worlds two big superpowers in 1962. With the Cold War in full effect between the US and the USSR, tensions are strained when a U-2 pilot takes photos of what looks like nuclear weapon installations in Cuba. With evidence suggesting that the Russians are making missiles operational, and giving themselves the ability to kill eighty million Americans within five minutes notice, three men are left with the job of attempting to diffuse the situation – or going to war.

Although it weighs in at an excess of two hours, it rarely labours and in fact is more intriguing for the time that director Donaldson invests. Conrad Buff?s editing should be praised also. Political movies are easy to bog down in military guff and diplomatic boredom (?Clear and Present Danger?), but for a film so bereft of action scenes, it never becomes a chore to watch.

An excellent chronicle of the Cuban Missile Crisis – recommended.


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