[Album Review] “So Far So Good” – Bryan Adams

So Far So Good - Bryan AdamsAlbum Title: So Far So Good
Artist: Bryan Adams
Year: 1993
Running Time: 62m 20s

Track listing: 1 Summer of ’69; 2 Straight From the Heart; 3 It’s Only Love; 4 Can’t Stop this thing we Started; 5 Do I have to Say the Words; 6 This Time; 7 Run to You; 8 Heaven; 9 Cuts Like a Knife; 10 (Everything I Do) I Do it for You; 11 Somebody; 12 Kids Wanna Rock; 13 Heat of the Night; 14 Please Forgive Me

This collection of greatest hits is a real mixed bag. Bryan Adams used to be a real top notch rocker. His early hits are fabulous examples of repressed aggression. ‘Run to You’ is probably the most memorable as Adams laments his current love and embraces his bit on the side. But in a tasteful way. ‘Somebody’, ‘It’s Only Love’ (duet with Tina Turner) and the irresistible ‘Summer of 69’ rock with passionate authority and ‘Heaven’ is an outstanding ballad that I fondly remember from my early teens.

Infact you would probably be as wise to buy ‘Reckless’ which is the Adams album which contains all the above tracks. You wouldn’t have to put up with the tedious ‘Everything I Do….’, ‘Do I Have to Say the Words’ or ‘Please Forgive Me’. It seems that the passion and imagination disappeared at this point only to be replaced by melodramatic tosh.

Not buying this greatest hits though would result in you missing out on the excellent, brooding ‘Heat of the Night’ which would be a shame but the rest of the stuff is mediocre.

As I said, a mixed bag which is not one you will dust down too often unless you are a real fan.


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