[Album Review] “GN’R Lies” – Guns N Roses

GN'R LiesAlbum Title: GN’R Lies
Artist: Guns N Roses
Year: 1988
Running Time: 33m 32s

Track listing: 1 Reckless Life; 2 Nice Boys; 3 Move to the City; 4 Mama Kin; 5 Patience; 6 Used to Love Her; 7 You’re Crazy; 8 One in a Million

Following on from the success of their debut LP (in fact, this was released before “Appetite for Destruction” took off in the UK), Guns N Roses released an 8-track EP to tide fans over to the next release. The album is easily split – tracks one to four are from a live EP caled ‘Live Like a Suicide’ from 1986, while tracks five to eight are four newly-recorded acoustic tracks.

The live tracks do not really hint at what was to come from the band. The two originals, ‘Reckless Life’, a straight-forward rocker, and ‘Move to the City’, a funkier and more imaginiative tale of run-away delinquency, are paired with covers of Aerosmith’s ‘Mama Kin’ and Rose Tattoo’s ‘Nice Boys’. Overall it’s not the most memorable of collections and if you heard the EP in isolation, would probably soon forget about it.

But the second half of the record really steals the show. Alongside a slower and cooler version of ‘You’re Crazy’ comes the classic ballad ‘Patience’, paranoid and hate-filled rant of ‘One in a Million’ and quirky but memorable ‘Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her)’.

This EP is available at mid-price and since the four acoustic songs are worth that alone, you can consider that you are getting the live tracks for free. Therefore this collection is well worth getting.


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