[Album Review] “AC/DC Live” – AC/DC

AC/DC Live - AC/DCAlbum Title: AC/DC Live
Artist: AC/DC
Year: 1992
Running Time: 132m

Track listing: [DISC 1] 1 Thunderstruck; 2 Shoot To Thrill; 3 Back in Black; 4 Sin City; 5 Who Made Who; 6 Heatseeker; 7 Fire Your Guns; 8 Jailbreak; 9 The Jack; 10 The Razors Edge; 11 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap; 12 Moneytalks  [DISC 2] 1 Hells Bells; 2 Are You Ready; 3 That’s The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll; 4 High Voltage; 5 You Shook Me All Night Long; 6 Whole Lotta Rosie; 7 Let There Be Rock; 8 Bonny; 9 Highway to Hell; 10 T.N.T.; 11 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

I have to admit, my knowledge of AC/DC is minimal outside of what the average rock fan knows. I know they formed in Australia in 1973, have released about fifteen albums or so, gone through many line-up changes and tragically the death of popular lead singer Bon Scott who was replaced by Englishman, Brian Johnson. I also know that they have one of the most brilliant performers ever in Angus Young and that they have a string of brilliant rock n roll classics which are all included here.

The most recent releases (well recent on release of this record in 1992) are here also and if truth be known, pale in comparison to the classics; ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘The Razors Edge’, ‘Moneytalks’ and ‘Are you Ready’ are good tracks but place them alongside ‘Heatseeker’, ‘Dirty Deeds…’, ‘Hells Bells’, ‘That’s the Way….’, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, ‘Who Made Who’, ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ and my personal favourites ‘Back in Black’ and ‘Highway to Hell’, and I know which ones you will be turning up louder.

There is no mistaking the AC/DC sound which is normally a recipe for enjoying some light headbang. There are some tracks that I am not a huge fan of; ‘T.N.T.’, ‘Let There be Rock’, ‘The Jack’ and ‘Fire Your Guns’ are decent enough but not to the high standards of the rest of the album. And as is the problem with some live albums, some of the stuff just goes on too long with guitar solos sometimes taking you well into the weekend. Ten to twelve minutes for some of the tracks is just a little too much I think.

But AC/DC are total rock legends and there is nothing here that would alter that belief. For fans of the band, this is just the ultimate collection. And what a relief to have absolutely no ballads. Hurrah!


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