[Movie Review] Black Sheep

Black SheepStarring: Chris Farley, David Spade, Gary Busey, Tim Matheson, Bruce McGill
Director: Penelope Spheeris
Genre: Comedy
Cert: 12
Released: 1996

“Black Sheep” doesn’t fair any better than the limited “Tommy Boy”, Spade and Farley’s opening movie salvo. They reprise identical roles here: Spade is the straight-laced, sardonic minder to Farley, an overweight (but amiable) idiot.

Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson, youthful and underused actor it must be said) is running for Governor of Washington. Up against him is Governor Tracy (Christing Ebersole) who is looking for a third term in office. The polls are swinging well in Donnelly’s favour until his lovable but cock-up-supreme brother Mike (Farley) drives a truck through half a dozen parking meters and into a theater wall. This is only the beginning of the oaf’s trail of destruction.

Al decides to appoint someone to look after his wayward brother; that someone comes in the form of campaign layabout Steve Dodds (Spade) and before you know it, it’s “Tommy Boy 2”. But it’s not just Mike getting himself into trouble, it soon becomes clear that the opposition are doing their best to smear their opponent.

The producer-director team that brought us “Waynes World” are in charge here but rather uncharacteristically, they have missed the mark completely. Relying mainly on slapstick gags involving Farley is funny to a point but soon become predictable. The quality only looks like rising when Spade goes into sarcasm mode but it is short and sweet.

There are some funny scenes; the bat in the cabin (just goes on for too long), stealing the police car, hanging out with the rasta dudes and the polling booth episode but overall it’s a string of obvious jokes and low-qaulity ones at that.

Look out for a great cameo from Gary Busey.


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