Dr 9Tendo’s Parenting Slot [Week 2]

Dr 9Tendo is back!  We’ve a lot to get through this week so buckle up for some excellence and insight from the priest of parenting. First off is a worried mother from Inverness called Adam.  She says:  My son seems to have some form of OCD as he repeats everything he does.  If he comes […]

Dr 9Tendo’s Parenting Slot [Week 1]

Welcome to the first edition of my parenting blog!  I know it’s a strenuous life being a parent – I have two cats myself – so I’m here to lend the best advice that you can find from someone with absolutely no qualifications to do so.  Please send any parenting concerns you have to me […]

Ciaran Cannon joins the party of leadership and inspiration

As Irish political party the Progressive Democrats collapse in to nothingness, former leader Ciaran Cannon today confirmed he is defecting to the main Irish opposition party, Fine Gael. Part of his motivation for joining Fine Gael was that he felt the ruling party, Fianna Fáil, “lacked leadership and failed to inspire people”. Ladies and gentlemen, […]

Facebook: The Private Profile Challenges

I love nosing around other people’s lives on Facebook, sticking my nose in to every nook and granny. I suspect I’m not alone in this pastime – I’m sure many of you also click on friend’s friends to see who they are and what they look like. It is of course a great endeavour for […]

The Disability Protocol

In my local Starbucks they have one toilet for able-bodied people like myself and one extra-large one for the disabled. Now I’ve been there quite a bit (let’s say about 20 times in the two months) and not once have I seen a wheelchair user having a coffee.  If you consider the daily number of […]

Consumer Confidence

What the fuck is consumer confidence anyway?  How is it measured? I’m sure you’ve all wondered.  Well, here’s the answer. How else does one judge the mood of the nation?

Words I like to use a lot: Part 2

Morass Nothing better than hearing a politician go on about a situation being a “morass”.  It underlines just how serious the state of affairs is. “Senator, is the situation as under control as the government make out?” “Quite the opposite, dear.” “Don’t call me ‘dear’.  I’m a professional broadcaster.” “Sorry, love.  What we have here […]

Death Threats are a compliment

If the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about and you accept that usually the best sportsmen get booed because of petty jealousy, then can there be anything more flaterring than being recipient of a death threat? A death threat sounds like a very scary thing to get.  I’ve seen […]