Dr 9Tendo’s Parenting Slot [Week 3]

Greetings to you once again from Dr 9Tendo.  Thank you for all the feedback and comments from the last few weeks. Regrettably I have been informed by my editor that the axe hangs menacingly over my column like a big sharp blade suspended by some elementary means (perhaps some pulleys and levers…or maybe just sticky […]

Dr 9Tendo’s Parenting Slot [Week 2]

Dr 9Tendo is back!  We’ve a lot to get through this week so buckle up for some excellence and insight from the priest of parenting. First off is a worried mother from Inverness called Adam.  She says:  My son seems to have some form of OCD as he repeats everything he does.  If he comes […]

Dr 9Tendo’s Parenting Slot [Week 1]

Welcome to the first edition of my parenting blog!  I know it’s a strenuous life being a parent – I have two cats myself – so I’m here to lend the best advice that you can find from someone with absolutely no qualifications to do so.  Please send any parenting concerns you have to me […]