[Album Review] “Foot of the Mountain” – a-ha

Band: a-ha Album title: Foot of the Mountain Year: 2009 Track Listing: 1. The Bandstand; 2. Riding the Crest; 3. What There Is; 4. Foot of the Mountain; 5. Real Meaning; 6. Shadowside; 7. Nothing is Keeping You Here; 8. Mother Nature Goes to Heaven; 9. Sunny Mystery; 10. Start the Simulator Running Time: 40m […]

This is about the chart, not art.

When I declared in a hyperbolic manner a few days ago that Magne F fans were “horrified” with the new a-ha single I was quickly pulled up for my “exaggeration”.  Which is fair enough – that’s what hyperbole is.  So let me simply say that they many seem discontented. The focus of their ire?  The […]

The greatest celebrity comebacks – ever!

Huey Lewis said it best: “Good morning little schoolgirl/Can I come home with you?” No, sorry. That’s something else entirely. Coincidentally it’s a Huey Lewis lyric too. No, what i meant was this: “Hip to be a square” When I was about 13 I actually thought he meant that it was quite trendy to be […]

[Album Review] “Lifelines” – a-ha

Album Title: Lifelines Artist: a-ha Year: 2005 Running Time: 61m 34s Track listing: 1 Lifelines; 2 You Wanted More; 3 Forever Not Yours; 4 There’s a Reason For It; 5 Time and Again; 6 Did Anyone Approach You?; 7 Afternoon High; 8 Oranges on Appletrees; 9 A Little Bit; 10 Less than Pure; 11 Turn […]

[Concert Review] a-ha / Oslo / 2001

Venue: Vallhall, Oslo, Norway Artist: a-ha Date: 25/03/2001 Set List: 1 Minor Earth | Major Sky; 2 Sun Never Shone That Day; 3 Little Black Heart; 4 I’ve Been Losing You; 5 Manhattan Skyline; 6 Thought That It Was You; 7 I Wish I Cared; 8 Cry Wolf; 9 Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count; […]