[Movie Review] AVP: Alien vs Predator

Starring: Lance Henriksen, Raoul Bova, Sanaa Lathan, Ewen Bremner, Tommy Flanagan Director: Paul W.S. Anderson Genre: Horror Cert: 15 Released: 2004 Charles Weyland (Henriksen), a rich industrialist, has spotted peculiar thermal activity in Antartica via one of his satellite systems. He believes that an ancient pyramid lies thousands of feet under the ice and puts […]

[Movie Review] The Amityville Horror (2005)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Philip Baker Hall, Jesse James, Jimmy Bennett, Chloe Moretz Director: Andrew Douglas Genre: Horror Cert: 15 Released: 2005 Kathy Lutz (George) convinces her husband George (Reynolds) that a huge house in Amityville is worth pushing themselves to the financial limit for despite the estate agent telling them of a brutal […]

[Movie Review] The Stepfather

Starring: Terry O’Quinn, Shelley Hack, Jill Schoelen, Charles Lanyer Director: Joseph Ruben Genre: Thriller Cert: 18 Released: 1987 You think you know someone? You might think twice after viewing Joseph Ruben’s (“Sleeping with the Enemy”, “The Good Son”, “Money Train”) low-budget thriller, “The Stepfather”. Released to little acclaim (it grossed $2.5m in 1987), this B-movie […]

[Movie Review] Secret Window

Starring: Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, Charles Dutton Director: David Koepp Genre: Thriller Cert: 15 Released: 2004 If, after watching “Secret Window”, someone asked you to offer a guess as to the writer of the novel the movie is based on, you would be hard pressed not to hazard a guess at […]

[Movie Review] Freddy vs Jason

Starring: Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland Director: Ronny Yu Genre: Horror Cert: 18 Released: 2003 There’s nothing like a good slasher movie. And indeed, not to put too fine a point on it, this is nothing like a good slasher movie. Ok, I’ve jumped ahead of myself here. I don’t […]

[Movie Review] The Others

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Alakina Mann, James Bentley, Christopher Eccleston, Eric Sykes, Elaine Cassidy Director: Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar Genre: Horror Cert: 15 Released: 2001 I wonder why Nicole Kidman held back for so long. After a career spent dwadling in mainly inconsequential movies like “Far and Away”, “My Life”, “The Peacemaker”, “Batman Forever” and “Days […]

[Movie Review] 28 Days Later

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Naomie Harris, Noah Huntley, Megan Burns, Christopher Eccleston Director: Danny Boyle Genre: Horror Cert: 18 Released: 2002 Irish courier, Jim, (Murphy) awakes from a coma in his London hospital bed to find a deserted building and deserted streets around it. An abandoned newspaper stand reveals that the city has been […]

[Movie Review] Signs

Starring: Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin Director: M Night Shyamalan Genre: Drama Cert: 12 Released: 2002 After a tepid start to his movie career (1992’s “Praying with Anger and 1998’s “Wide Awake”), director M Night Shyamalan was afford the chance to make his breakthrough with 1999’s surprise hit, “The Sixth […]

[Movie Review] Leprechaun 2

Starring: Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Sandy Baron Director: Rodman Flender Genre: Horror Cert: 18 Released: 1994 The leprechaun is back, and this time he’s in the city! And he’s also looking for a bride. It’s St Patricks Day, and a thousand years after the leprechaun vowed to marry the most beautiful descendant of […]