The 9lives US Tour: Update 3, Days 4 & 5 & 6

Day 4 It was an old boys night out on Wednesday as myself and Noel hit the local Thai restaurant and rolled back the years with some amusing anecdotes and references. Obviously they would be lost on you guys as they reflect on stories like that hilarious time back in 1988 when I announced quite […]

The 9lives US Tour: Update 2, Days 2 & 3

Hello friends of the world. Thank you for your comments on my previous blog. To take up Lesley’s point on the last blog I hope not to make this a *yawn* situation with updates on what colour socks I’m wearing. They’re navy. Rest of day 1 So day 1 finished off with me hitting San […]

The 9lives US Tour: Update 1, Day 1

I thought it might be exciting to blog from an airport. Never done it before. It’s 5pm central time – I’m getting used to the lingo already – here in Chicago and I’m in the middle of a four hour stopover on my trip from Dublin to San Francisco. Got to be honest I can […]

What’s gime? Oh…a gime…

Remember Homer’s famous “gime” scene? The one where he arrives at the gym, asks what a “gime” is, steps inside to see all the equipment and says “Oh…a gime…” Well I joined a new gime…*ahem* gym last week. This thing is flipping amazing. I paid about EUR600 a year for my last gym which was […]

Single male, GSOH, desires single life.

I have never written anything personal and introspective on here before so make the most of it. I think life becomes more of a mystery to me the older I get. I turn 33 in three weeks and since I’m no closer to finding a purpose I’m starting to wonder if in fact there is […]

The case for “reasonable force”?

I might come across as all nice and stuff here (right? …. ) but really I’m a bile-filled person who loathes large sections of society. First up for a verbal thumping are bouncers. You might know them as “doormen”. They are the gentlemen hired by public establishments such as pubs, night clubs, casinos and venues […]

Hope you have a strong bladder

I promised myself that I’d blog after my first exam so within two hours…here I am. Today was Public Relations, a less bullshit subject than it sounds. I entered the exam with the words of my lecturer ringing in my ears: “No waffle…” (queue dramatic echo of the word “waffle”). Let me take a step […]

Looking to the sky

It’s common practice for people to over-dramatise their life. A slight inconvenience can become a major problem – then that inconvenience is overwritten by something bigger and the first one is soon forgotten. Sitting on the bus or in a doctor’s waiting room or wherever, you’ll often hear agitated conversation between people about how the […]