Football Manager 2010 price drop at Zavvi

There’s the usual pre-Christmas buzz about Football Manager at the moment but – as I blogged before – I absolutely refuse to pay over the odds for it. After a month or so of websites advertising price points of £25-30, Zavvi decided to test the mettle of the impatient buyers who already pre-ordered by selling it […]

Championship Manager 2010 “does” a Radiohead

Championship Manager (CM) was the all-conquering football management game franchise until the original creators, Sports Interactive, left the fold.  They went on to regenerate the Football Manager brand and have topped the charts since 2004 while CM has floundered with a series of much-criticised releases. CM skipped their 2008 release in order to concentrate on […]

The Dregs of Society

The hostility between football fans is something that a lot of people don’t understand. Outside of a few hundred diehard fans, there is little aggressive behaviour noticeable in the sparsely populated grounds of League of Ireland clubs. So it’s with, at best, puzzlement, at worst, disgust, that we read about the latest battle between Manchester […]

Forrest Grump

Things I learnt from my weekend at the Paris marathon. 1. Unlike every race I’ve been in, the organisers of the Paris marathon do not furnish you with safety pins for attaching your bib. 2. Everyone in Paris speaks English-until you need to find out off a race organiser if they have safety pins. 3. […]

My Big Fat Obnoxious Ego

Tell me something, are buttons cute? One of the girls in the office brought in their new baby the other week and I was sat at my desk wondering just what the hell I was going to say when it came my turn to offer some verbal. The first thing that flashed in to my […]