The Solution to the Medical Card Crisis

The Irish Government have decreed that people over-70 who can afford to pay for their own medical care will have their free medical card withdrawn in order to help balance the books in these tough economic times. There has been national uproar with politicans, commentators and the man in the street (not Joe the Plumber) […]

The Legacy of Dubya: Part 1

Axis of Evil Axis of Evil was a classic George Dubya Bush phrase, coined in early 2002.  The suggestion was that Iran, Iraq and North Korea formed this so-called “axis of evil” – States that assisted “terrorists” and provided weapons of mass destruction.   This of course laid the groundwork for the 2003 invasion of Iraq […]

A Weighty Issue

Wearing the radio I was, for some reason, lying in bed with the radio on at 4am recently (“Had you got no pyjamas?” laughed a wag at the back of the hall). I overheard an interview with an English lady going on about some book she’d written about losing weight and the more I heard […]

Can MySpace move out of the Stone Age?

MySpace exists for one reason – to make money. That’s why Newscorp purchased it for $580m in 2005. Analysts in Wall Street say that the market value of the site could be $15bn by 2009. Although “Tom” recently reported that the site is the most visited in the world, Alexa recently reported that it is […]

The inevitable Blacksburg blog

Blacksburg The horror perpetrated at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA on Monday morning is beyond the comprehension of someone like me. Thirty two people were killed at the hands of Cho Seung-Hui, yet another of America’s outcast underbelly. I’m not going to traipse over the details as I’m sure, unless you’ve been avoiding the story, […]

A Tout le Monde

After my last unsuccessful foray in to blogging about football I think I’m playing with fire once again by discussing metal music. But I beg your indulgence for just a minute or two. In 1994 Megadeth released the track “A Tout Le Monde” from their album, “Youthanasia”. While Megadeth are one of the “big four” […]

Look where being on Bush’s shitlist gets you

Saddam Hussein is dead. Kind of weird isn’t it? Iran-Iraq war When I was about 7 or 8 years of age his name was on every newscast, accompanying rather violent pictures from the Iran-Iraq war. Despite Hussein’s use of chemical weapons and his human rights abuses, actor Ronald Reagan sent senile Donald Rumsfeld over to […]

Ban the phone pests

My obsessive nature has caused me much pain over the years whether it be ensuring that I walk on pavement cracks with both feet or that my beard is shaved evenly on both sides. One thing I obsess about frequently are drivers who have absolutely no regard for other people and no regard for the […]

Easy, tiger

Journalism really makes me laugh sometimes. Even though I study it in college I still scratch my head at the way it all works. We report facts – the news – and present a balanced view based on all sides of the story. This week a teenager was mauled by a tiger in Dublin Zoo. […]

Washed Up: The David Beckham Story

David Beckham. Lovely David Beckham. The tide has finally turned against Beckham as he slips off the radar as the darling of English footballer. After yet another poor performance in England’s defeat to Portugal today, Beckham has surely made his last World Cup appearance – he will be 35 by the time the next one […]